AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Fumiko! discovers six new Homeworlds, Rome: Total War and Barbarian Invasion get patches, Old School RuneScape makes it hot in the Inferno, Rocketbirds 2: Evolution contemplates Mind Control, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia faces The Rise of the Deliverance, SairentoVR likes stylish backhand sword grips, and DC Legends goes to the movies.

PC 3D platformer Fumiko! has received patch v1.1. The update introduces a number of additions and changes to the game. Hyperion, the game’s social hub, now includes a map to help players find their way toward the story-oriented Homeworlds. In addition, six new Homeworlds have been added. A new ability, a downwards jump with infinite charges called Dropdown, has been incorporated into gameplay.

Other improvements to the game include a major overhaul of the main menu for ease and simplicity of use. The menu also now supports savegames. The I.M. Server is no longer invisible. Players will now learn Multijump and Endless Jumping earlier in the game, increasing their capabilities for exploration, while puzzles have been updated to include more solutions.

Rome: Total War
The iPad versions of ROME: Total War and its standalone expansion Barbarian Invasion have been patched, to 1.7.3 and 1.7.2, respectively. Players now have options to elect a larger unit size over those recommended for their device, run 3D battles at half-speed, or to play the game in Russian. The game has been further stabilizes and has been optimized for 5th generation iPads.

Old School RuneScape
MMORPG Old School RuneScape has added a new solo combat challenge, the Inferno. Located in the depths of the volcanic city Mor Ul Rek, players fight their way through increasingly difficult waves of monsters and challenges before facing the final boss, TzKal-Zuk. Players who overcome the Inferno will be rewarded the Infernal cape, the new best-in-slot melee cape.

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution
Steam/PlayStation 4/PS Vita game Rocketbirds 2: Evolution has received the Mind Control DLC Pack. Sequel to Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, the pack includes politician costumes such as female pant suits and red ball caps, new playable characters, two new PVP Dojo Debate Rooms, and the new Assimilator Gun for mind-controlling the player’s victims during Rescue Missions.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
3DS game Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has added four new pieces of content through the Rise of the Deliverance DLC Pack. The Prologue pack adds new maps, new story content, new support conversations between selected heroes, and additional voice acting that details the rise of the Deliverance in Zofia. Players will also be able to take command of a character not accessible in the main game. The pack is priced at $12.99.

SairentoVR has received its first patch for the 0.2 cycle. A new enemy, Geisha, has been added, as well as new currency drops, Beacons and Fabricators. Fabricators are required components for crafting relics while Beacons can be used to increase a mission’s difficulty in exchange for better rewards. The skill system has been removed, with legendary relics now being the means of empowerment and build customization.

Other changes include a difficulty revamp to make the game more unforgiving, the level cap raised to 100, the ability to hold melee weapons in a backhand pose, based on the angle the player grabbed it, added visual feedback when you hover your hand over a stored weapon, updated sound effects for weapons, and a new full body avatar for players.

DC Legends
Strategy RPG mobile game DC Legends has added new content based on the Wonder Woman movie. New Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice Hero and Dr. Poison Hero Packs have been added, containing character fragments and legendary essence that allow players to upgrade their character abilities and gear.