AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Alien Path joins Guilds, Final Fantasy XV contemplates Stinky Tofu, Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards undergoes Ascension, Heroes & Generals seeds a Care Package, Shot Online goes Honor Pro, and Galactic Civilizations III is a fan of Georgian rappers.

Alien Path
Mobile game Alien Path Update 1.4.0 features an entirely new guild system. Players can now form Guilds that encourage cooperation and working together. Every week, guilds will compete with each other to show how well they coordinate their efforts. Aside from coins, players will also be able to earn a new item: The Bolt. This allows players to lock a Power Card to its maximum stat potential for an upgrade. Guild leaders are also able to assign players as Sub-leads or Guardians who will be able to contribute one of their Power Cards to the guild deck. Anyone in the guild will then be able to use a unique combination from the Deck in thier adventures.

Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV has updated for the month of May. New content includes a Stinky Tofu recipe based on a survey of Taiwan-based players. Additionally, the winners of the second community photo contest can see their snapshots on display at the Hammerhead restaurant. In addition, the development team has created an in-game survey, available from today until next month’s update, allowing players to provide feedback on future game updates and DLC.

Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards
Multiplatform card game Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards has updated. The Ascension update adds twelve new cards to game and makes thirty-six other card improvements. The update puts the different cabals on more-or-less equal terms, as now each cabal has the same number of heroes and cards (both common and rares).

Heroes & Generals
World War 2 MMOFPS Heroes & Generals has been patched to 1.07. Known as the Care Package update, it introduces three new pistols for all players (Soviet Korovin TK, German Model 1934, US 1903 Pocket Hammerless) and unlocks them early on to benefit new players. Also featured is the new Sound Occlusion system, where sounds from sources not visible to the player are muffled. In addition, running and sprint animations are now more distinct, casings ejecting from all weapons have been reworked to look more realistic, and players can now see when teammates are using a First Aid Kit to heal them.

Shot Online
MMO golf game Shot Online has added the Honor Pro System, where players can discover the Expert Skills tree, reach up to 2,200 new levels, gain Honor Points, activate new abilities, and even get special Honor Pro clothing. Players above level 200 can bear the title of Honor Pro.

In addition to the Honor Pro System, the update includes the Legend Club System. Players will be able to use the Legend Crafting Hammer to forge their own Legend Club. A full set of Legend Clubs will provide up to +120% EXP. Not only will players receive targeted bonuses on particular courses and scores, they will also get the opportunity to change their Legend Clubs’ bonuses.

In order to ease the progression between levels 120 and 180, the needed EXP per level has been reduced by 20%, allowing players to quickly boost their levels when they log back in to the game.

Galactic Civilizations III
Owners of the Crusade expansion for Galactic Civilizations III have received a new update. Called Ludicrous, the update replaces the largest sized galaxy option with a new one called “Ludicrous.” This option doubles the maximum size over the previous biggest map size (“insane size”) and includes a host of quality of life improvements, balance updates, and bug fixes.