AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Chaos Chronicle tunes in for Season 2, Day of Infamy throws another shrimp on the barbie, Cities: Skylines introduces Mass Transit, Mobius Final Fantasy gets Hard, Phantom of the Kill goes above 5 stars, Dekaron gets the first half of Act 19, and ARK: Survival Evolved patches consoles to v257

Chaos Chronicle
Mobile RPG Chaos Chronicle has begun its second season. Besides new hero costumes and a redesigned user interface, two new heroes have been introduced, Juliana the sword master whose unique ability Light Revivify creates a shield for all allies when damage is received, and Elto, who utilizes various potions to help heroes in battle by healing and buffing them.

In addition, the Legendary Dungeon Den of Exiles, where players will be able to acquire key materials for equipment crafting on each of the three floors of the dungeon. A new class of Guardian Equipment has been added that can only be used by Grand Sages and Swordmasters. Guardian Equipment can be crafted from materials gathered in the Den of Exiles and is exclusive to specific heroes.

Players who purchase items from the shop can add to Ellan’s points, which can be traded in for Ellan’s Seals. These Seals can be used for special summons, entering the Den of Exiles, or crafting equipment. A new feature, Special Summons, guarantees the player a Grand Sage or Swordmaster of their choice if the summons is used every day for 30 days.

Day of Infamy
The first major content for WWII shooter Day of Infamy has come. The Aussie Update adds new Australian units for the Commonwealth faction along with the African-American 761st “Black Panthers” Tank Battalion, The Black Watch Scottish regiment, and German 272nd Volks-Grenadier Division. Also included are new melee weapon unlocks, the iconic Australian Owen Gun, a brand new community-made map named Rhineland, and an improved ranking system.

Cities: Skylines
The new Mass Transit expansion for Cities: Skylines is now available. New features ferries, blimps, cable cars, and monorails to move citizens around town (and their fares into the player’s funds); new transit hubs that help handle the public transport by connecting transit lines; and traffic jams as citizens move across bridges and canals in their morning commutes. The expansion is priced at $12.99.

Mobius Final Fantasy
Mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy has added the new “Chapter I: Blank Slate (Hard Mode),” which will allow players to fight tougher enemies for a chance to earn increased rewards. In addition, new Ability Cards and a new Supreme Card have been added. New multiplayer “Taunt” cards featuring Cerberus, Vanadis, Loxley, Titania, Jupitera and Sabnock will allow players to provoke and force enemies to attack.

Phantom of the Kill
To celebrate its first global anniversary, mobile strategic RPG Phantom of the Kill has raised the highest unit rarity from five stars to six stars. Older units Laevateinn, Tyrfing, and Longinus, have been updated to be able to reach six stars, while new units have been introduced to the Lazuli recruiter with six star evolutions in mind.

The first of two Act 19 updates MMORPG Dekaron has gone live. The new level 185+ dungeon, the Forgotten Underground Temple, has been added, introducing powerful new enemies. A new Item Creation system has been introduced, allowing for gathered from adventure fields and dungeons to be used to craft weapons, armor, and consumables. A new feature, the Character Title System, allows players to show off their achievements in the game world, while the Costume Closet frees up inventory space and allows hotkey swapping between favorite outfits. For quality of life, improvements have been made to the Growth Area and the chat system.

ARK: Survival Evolved
The console versions of ARK: Survival Evolved have reached v257. The update incorporates full console-style gamepad functionality similar to the console versions and overhauls the UI. New content includes three new structures including the TEK Cloning Chamber, which duplicates the stats and appearances of creatures from top to bottom, the TEK Megalodon Saddle, TEK Turrets, a new “sticky” TEK grenade, the arrival of the Ascension mechanic, which is accessed via the new cave within the redesigned Volcano, two new hairstyles, and fifteen new gameplay music tracks.