AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Europa Universalis IV is granted the Mandate of Heaven, Conan Exiles is dealing with The Dregs, Ace Fishing: Wild Catch goes to Egypt for its third anniversary, The Black Death enters the Long Night, Fractured Space enters Phase 3, and Stellaris reaches for Utopia.

Europa Universalis IV
Europa Universalis IV has received its latest expansion, Mandate of Heaven. One key feature of the expansion is the new Historical Ages system and the associated Golden Eras. The four centuries of play are divided into four Historical Ages, each with seven objectives and seven special abilities that can be unlocked. If three objectives in an Age are accomplished, players may choose to initiate a Golden Era, giving their empire fifty years of prosperity and military prowess, but only once per game.

Other features include modifications to the Ashikaga Shogunate for more interaction and political considerations among the daimyo; Confucian Harmony religious considerations; Shinto Isolation reflecting Japan’s isolation period; Tributaries, where weaker neighbors are persuaded to pay annual tributes in gold, manpower, or monarch points; and increased diplomatic automation. The expansion is available on Steam for $19.99.

Conan Exiles
Steam Early Access game Conan Exiles has added a new dungeon. Called The Dregs, players must perform a grizzly ritual before they can open the secret entrance to the dungeon. The Dregs features new monsters and puzzles. The final boss of the dungeon, the Abysmal Remnant, is the result of an experiment with dark sorcery which went horribly wrong. Players can get their hands on new armor, weapons, gear and new crafting recipes by defeating the dungeon boss.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch
Mobile game Ace Fishing: Wild Catch has added new content. The new map, set in Egypt, allows players to fish in Nile River against the backdrop of the Sphinx and the Pyramids. In addition to the new location, more content has been added to the Australia map including a hidden fishing spot, new types of discoverable fish, and two new playable characters. Global pre-registration participants will be rewarded with a variety of in-game items, including Golden Key, premium bait, and fishing lines.

The Black Death
Multiplatform Early Access survival game The Black Death has received its latest update. Called The Long Night, it provides an engine upgrade that improves technical performance and overhauls combat. In addition, it implements new features, including the house improvement system, a day/night cycle and weather effects, a new ‘Unlock’ progression for Professions, roaming NPCs and procedural events, and new music.

Fractured Space
F2P Steam game Fractured Space has received its Phase 3 update. The new update features a tighter Conquest 2.0 game map to encourage more direct confrontation, introduces new drone ships that can be shot down to reduce enemy resources, provides more help for new players with audio Base Commander tips, and incorporates shorter respawn rates.

Grand strategy space game Stellaris has received its first expansion. Called Utopia, it adds Ascension perks that establish strong cultural traditions for an empire to pursue specific visions of Utopia. Players can choose to advance via genetic engineering, psionic exploration, or even cybernetic ascension.

Other features include: megastructures, such as ringworlds or Dyson spheres that add prestige and power; Habitat Stations in orbit that can house a burgeoning population; Indoctrination, in order to guide pre-FTL civilizations onto the “right” path; advanced civics in the form of syncretic evolution, mechanist and fanatic purifier; and Hive Minds. Also included are new events, new decisions and the mystery of The Shroud.