AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Osiris: New Dawn unearths Proteus II, Dungeon Rushers adds a Never-ending Tower, Stable Orbit reaches Perihelion, and Warspear Online thumbs ups the Gladiators of Arinar.

Osiris: New Dawn
Osiris: New Dawn has revealed the Proteus II Unearthed free DLC pack. Besides upgrading the graphics and sound, this major content update redesigns the map for the starting moon of Proteus II, adds a New Mines Section that allows players to unravel what happened to the original Osiris Mission, adds the new Ranger Class, and introduces several new systems, such as the Mission System, which allows players to immerse themselves into the game’s lore by finding and completing missions, and the new Melee Combo System, which allows players to chain together weapon attacks.

Dungeon Rushers
Multiplatform game Dungeon Rushers has receive a free content update. The new procedurally-generated Never-ending Tower can be tackled after clearing the game’s first zone and provides players unlimited opportunities to acquire blueprints, items, potions, and resources. A new pack of cosmetic skins for players is also now available for of $0.99.

Stable Orbit
In-development game Stable Orbit has received its third major update. Entitled Perihelion, it introduces several new features, including research contracts, which provide rewards for successful completion. New modules and upgrades have been added, which add various effects, such as capacity boosters and laboratory specialization. Waste management provides a new resource to manage, as the new Waste Recycling module will allow players to extract water.

Warspear Online
Warspear Online has updated to 6.5. Entitled Gladiators of Arinar, the patch introduces various changes into the game, including the ability to restore deleted characters. Arena Suppliers have new items on offer, including Gladiator’s Chests with new minions, skills and costumes, as well as weapons and equipment for level 25. Players now receive gold when killing monsters, the reward is automatically added to the character’s gold supply and doesn’t take any space in the item bag. The list of all rare craft jobs is now open to all crafters, making it possible to start any of them at any time. Unique level 26 items in all categories and new achievements for mastering craft professions were added as well.