AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Uncharted Waters Online discovers the Industrial Revolution, Armored Warfare reloads its tanks, and the weekend casts Sap on all Friday-living humans.

Uncharted Waters Online
Historical MMO Uncharted Waters Online has been updated. Entitled “Age of Revolution Chapter 1: Industrial Revolution,” the expansion introduces a number of changes to the game. A new Technology Development system has been created in every nation that will trigger an Industrial Revolution after a certain amount of development. New recipes become available and requirements are reduced in order to increase production of goods. The industrial revolution also advances weapon technology, expanding a ship’s capabilities with flame throwers, gatling guns, and even steam engines.

A new category of Discoveries titled “Weather/Phenomena” has been added, where players may experience various natural phenomena. Companies are now able to dispatch an Aide Fleet to different places around the world. Aide Fleets will help Aides grow and everything obtained from the dispatch location will be accumulated as Regional Contribution at the Company Administration Office. In addition to Aide Fleets, players are able to join Unions who focus on certain interests.

Armored Warfare
The Tanks Reloaded update for tank MMO Armored Warfare features the Balance 2.0 change to improve gameplay and challenge. New content includes twenty-six new vehicles; a new PvP map called Chemical Plant; a new Global Operations map, Barren Divide; a PvE Mission, Raiding party; a new PvE Mission known as Watchdog; and Skirmish mode.