AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, RIFT has been Forged in flame, Krosmaga gets a Draft, Heavy Metal Machines pretties up, Reigns gets a fake elephant, Heroine Anthem Zero gets its first episode, Shadowverse brings the Tempest of the Gods, and A Funny Cars Wash Game For Kids & Toddlers needs a shorter name.

MMORPG RIFT has updated. Entitled Forged in Flame, players can now challenge the latest chapter in the Starfall Prophecy saga. The update also features Tartaric Depths, a new 10-person raid with four epic bosses, a new Looking for Raid system giving players new ways to join up with others, unique new weapons, and introduces level 70 Content.

Mobile card game Krosmaga has received a new mode, Draft. To construct their deck, player will select cards through several rounds of random draws. The draw pulls from all the cards that exist, and not just from cards in the player’s collection. The game is organized in four levels, with three matches per level, and each victory bringing rewards. When the final level is reached, the player can bet their gains to either double their winnings or lose everything.

Heavy Metal Machines
Steam open beta Heavy Metal Machines has received a new update. Two characters, the redneck Clunker Brothers and the “Ayatollah of Rock’N’Roll” Metal Herald, have received a visual revamp through the introduction of new 3D models and paintjobs for their vehicles. Updates to the leaderboard system and localization support for three new languages, French, German, and Spanish, have also been introduced.

Mobile game Reigns has received a royal update. The game now features an additional one hundred new unique cards with new characters, bringing the total above 850. In addition, the game has introduced new ways to for players to meet their demises as well as a fake elephant.

Heroine Anthem Zero
Steam game Heroine Anthem Zero has received Episode I, its second free story update. Complementing the story update, the Episode 1 artbook has been made available as paid DLC.

Mobile CCG Shadowverse has added a new expansion, Tempest of the Gods. Tempest of the Gods is the fourth card pack for the game, and features 104 new cards, including two original Legendary type cards for each class. Players will get ten card packs from the new expansion for free.

A Funny Cars Wash Game For Kids & Toddlers
iOS app A Funny Cars Wash Game For Kids & Toddlers has added has new playable content and some reworked graphics.