AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Riders of Icarus witnesses the Corruption of Light, Endless Space 2 encounter the Riftborn, Crab War gets a Gene Lab, Lux Alliance gets prettier, Street Fighter V makes everyone their QA testers, Marinatide gets side quests, and everybody was asleep yesterday

Riders of Icarus
F2P MMORPG Riders of Icarus has received the Corruption of Light. The content update includes two new zones, Ellora Sanctuary and Windhome Canyon, where players are charged with helping the light elves reclaim the Demonic Stone from the Chaos Legion. The level cap has been increased to 55 and two new field bosses have been added, as have new gear sets from the Forgotten Sanctuary. Three new Legendary Dungeons have been introduced.

Corruption of Light also features the Transcendence System for players to further increase their strength. Riders can enhance their favorite equipment by consuming the exact same item to increase the attributes. By transcending their best weapons and armor up to five times, players will reach a new level of power.

Endless Space 2
Steam Early Access game Endless Space 2 has received an update. New content includes the introduction of the Riftborn civilization, which includes the control of time as a gameplay mechanic; inclusion of multiplayer; new galaxy shapes including a Spiral-8 and an Ovoid galaxy; the addition of solar winds, nebulas and trading ships; and adjustments to the AI, battle system, and technology tree.

Crab War
Mobile game Crab War has updated to 1.5.0. This patch implements the Gene Lab, which allows players to manipulate the Gene Tree and access new powers. This includes the new Evolution Gild, which allows players to increase the might of the Queen Crabs. This update also introduces the new burrower Crab, who digs underground to bypass lines of defenses. For a set amount of genes, players can enlist the burrower for their strategic offenses.

Lux Alliance
PC/Mac/Linux game Lux Alliance has reached version 1.6 and incorporated substantial quality of life improvements. Movement arrows have been re-designed, a visual battle display has been added to show which units are involved and how the battle rounds resolve. Animations have been added for conquering and building headquarters. The backtick key (‘) has been added as an ‘all-but-one’ mod-key during army movements. The game now includes tool-tip hints giving danger levels for all front-line territories. Capture The Flag is now supported, and a new map based on the Battle of Agincourt has been added.

Street Fighter V
In order to save on QA costs, Street Fighter V has made itself temporarily free-to-play so that gamers can test out the changes on the Capcom Fighters Network. Among the changes are improved loading times, improvements to the matchmaking system so players avoid being matched with the same person too much, a live feed of friend activities, a friend management system, and a Rage Quit Penalty system.

Steam Early Access game Marinatide has added side quests. Optional missions to complement the main quest, players can receive side quests by exploring the Sunshore Islands and chating with the characters found there.