AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Chaos Chronicle gets Luc’KEY in March, The Elder Scrolls Online remembers the consoles, Golf Star yells lands another hole in one, and World of Tanks Blitz requisitions from the French.

Chaos Chronicle
Mobile RPG Chaos Chronicle has received a new update. March Luc’KEY introduces two new heroes: Seira, a defender-type heroine whose expertise lies in manipulating gravity fields to move and paralyze enemies, as well as provoking all enemies and reducing their accuracy; and Rogers, a supporter-type hero whose skills lie in healing all allies and striking down enemies with a paralyzing thunderbolt, which also reduces enemy attack speed.

The update is named for the limited time “Aeris and Zached’s March Luc’KEY” event that accompanies it. Players will be able to collect special Aeris and Zached keys and exchange them for valuable rewards, including rare gear, items, and loot.

The Elder Scrolls Online
After having already been released for computers, The Elder Scrolls Online has made Homestead available to PlayStation4 and Xbox One owners. The free update allows players to buy apartments, homes, manors, and even an entire island. Once an introductory quest is completed, players can begin acquiring residencies. Homes can be customized with more than 2,000 decorating items acquired either from in-game vendors or the Crown Store.

Golf Star
Mobile golf simulator Golf Star has received a major update. The game has received numerous modifications, which include changes to the Match Tournament and Guild Battle system.

Some of the key features include: Match Challenge 1-on-1 battles have been set to 3 holes while Player Grade will be determined based on winning points; the 1-on-1 Tournament mode will be changed to Match Challenge Event Tournament which will be open regularly throughout the day; adjustments to gameplay mechanics in Guild Battles allow for better match-making and lets guilds review the profiles of up to a maximum 5 opposing teams; Guild Leaders are given the authority to handpick opponents; and the addition of a fully customizable practice course to ease beginners into the game.

World of Tanks Blitz
Multiplatform World of Tanks Blitz is celebrating its 80 millionth download with the French. Ten new French vehicles have been added, including the Renault FT, the first tank in history to have its turret on top, engine in the back, and the driver in front. Other tanks include the Tier IX—X AMX 50 120 and AMX 50B.