AFKer Patches keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Endless Space 2 is consumed by the Horatio, Hero Zero receives the largest update in six years, AVABEL ONLINE adds the Cleaver, Star Trek Online reaches Season 12, and Hearts of Iron IV is joined by the Ghost Division.

Endless Space 2
4x sci-fi Steam game Endless Space 2 has updated with the Horatio, an advanced faction that can assimilate the DNA of other factions into the Horatio gene pool, effectively gaining the advantages of the absorbed population and adding it to their own. Led by an eccentric trillionaire who decided to clone himself, the Horatio seek to make the galaxy beautiful again.

Additional content in this update includes three new minor factions, and overhauled technology tree, five new victory conditions, a new system orbital scan view, an improved battle system, and improvements to Population and Senate.

Hero Zero
Browser game Hero Zero has made its largest update in six years with revamped graphics, new features, and even a relaunch of the mobile version. New content includes the Hideout feature, where players discover an empty construction site under their character’s home. As can be imagined, the Hero’s hideout grows according to the needs and whims of the player. As new rooms are added, new resources can be gathered. In a rather unheroic new feature, heroes can build combat robots to attack other hideouts and steal resources.

Action MMORPG AVABEL ONLINEhas received an update that adds the dual-wielding Cleaver, the third Advanced Class for the basic Class Revenger. Besides the headliner, the update adds the Skill Ring, which allows the players to acquire the powerful EX Skill. The Rings for the original Advanced classes have been added in this update, with more to follow.

Additional improvements include a new feature for the Element system, “Element Case”, upgrade of dropped items in the Main Tower, and extra functions in the Stall. Lastly, there has been an overhaul of the Guild features, including lifting the limits for some Guild Skills, improvement of the Guild Bulletin board, and the release of all floors in the Guild’s Tower.

Star Trek Online
MMORPG Star Trek Online has added Season 12 – Reckoning, to its PC version. The expansion will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at a later date. The most visible update included would be the featured episode, “Of Signs and Portents,” where players battle the Tzenkethi, a powerful and militant species. New content includes the new Lukari ship, a new reputation, two new space queues, and the new Research and Development school.

Hearts of Iron IV
Paradox Interactive game Hearts of Iron IV continues its musical march with Sabaton. The company has licensed ten songs from the Swedish metal band best known for their enthusiastic music around historical events. The songs licensed concentrate on specific moments within the Second World War. The Sabaton music pack is available now for $5.99 (or €5.99) at the Paradox Store and on Steam. The songs licensed are:

  • Ghost Division
  • Resist and Bite
  • Coat of Arms
  • Uprising
  • Screaming Eagles
  • 40:1
  • Panzerkampf
  • Smoking Snakes
  • To Hell and Back
  • The Last Battle