AFKer Patches Update keeps track of new updates being made available, be they patches, DLC, or anything else. In today’s update, Final Fantasy XV attends the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, Loong Craft attends its own festival, and Aurcus Online has updated.

Final Fantasy XV
XBox One/PlayStation 4 title Final Fantasy XV begins its first Moogle Chocobo Carnival today. The in-game city of Altissia will host the festivities, which are scheduled to run until February 20, and new content introduced includes side quests, new outfits for main character Noctis, and an in-game fire works show.

In order to participate, players will need to acquire a Carnival Passport, which can be obtained by purchasing a Holiday Pack from the Xbox Games Store or PlayStation Store

There are two types of Holiday Packs available: the Holiday Pack (Free Version) available to all players and the Holiday Pack+, which includes exclusive content and can only be downloaded by players who purchased the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass.

In addition, a free update will be available to all players from today, including an all-new manual photographing feature to allow players to freely take pictures outside of battle. A selection of additional bonus DLC items are also available to purchase.

Loong Craft
3D mobile MMORPG Loong Craft is celebrating Chinese New Year and joining the spring festival activities in the most traditional way. From January 25 through February 11 (international dateline makes that today for the West), a horde of Beast Nian will attack the main city every day. Slaying Beast will get players points. The top 100 players will get an exclusive title and abundant items as rewards. The top-scoring player will get Spring Festival Mount Phoenix as a bonus reward.

In addition, Loong Craft has prepared Lunar New Year Redpacks (modeled after the gift money for Chinese New Year) for players during the lunar new year period, which will bring plenty of rare items. Players can talk to the LNY Envoy to get LNY redpack, LNY lucky pack and claim LNY quests daily. The LNY Purse will be released on the cash shop at the same time. Players have a chance to get a brand new Spring Festival Mount Beast Nian, rare Mounts Giant Kite, Silver Fang and Wings of Phoenix by opening LNY Purse.

Aurcus Online
Action mobile MMO Aurcus Online has been updated, adding the new features “Guild House” and “Stamp” to the game. The Guild House allows redecoration of the Guild home with Furniture. New furniture are planned for future updates. Stamps are an in-game communication tool to express the feelings, similar to emoji.

In addition, the new character tutorial has been refreshed and new Achievements that provide various rewards have been added to make the start of the adventure smoother.