For those of you who missed the Global Game Jam, those of you who jammed for the first time and are hungry for more opportunities to experiment with new mechanics, engines, and topics, or those of you who are game jam regulars looking for more jams, have no fear!

Every minute of every day, there’s some kind of jam going on, with enough themes and topics to suit almost any taste, with most of these being online jams which you can find on Gamejolt or Another venerable establishment on the online jam scene is Ludum Dare, which has weekend events in April, August, and December and mini-jams throughout the rest of the year.

And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

The question is, with so many jams out there, how do you choose just one, especially with no Yelp for Game Jams? Until one is built though, we at AFKer are happy to make a few recommendations.

Every week, we’ll be looking at an upcoming event we think you’ll find interesting, considering things like theme, cost to participate, whether the jam is online-only vs having local sites and more.

This week, AFKer turns its eyes towards Seattle, where the Legal Services National Technology Assistance Project (LSNTAP) and Northwest Justice Project are putting on the Social Justice Game Jam next month.

Running from 6 PM on Friday, Feb 17, 2017 to 8 PM on Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 (all in Pacific Time, of course) at the Living Computer Museum (and online!), the jam focuses on social justice and civil legal aid, given that every year, over half of all low-income households in Washington will face at least one civil legal problem without adequate legal assistance. These issues may include debt repayment, foreclosure, fraud, predatory lending and more – not that you need to have any background knowledge on these issues to jam, as there will be legal professionals participating!

Yes, you read that correctly.

The Social Justice Game Jam will bring together an unlikely combination of lawyers, paralegals, game developers, artists and more to create games that either directly teach people how to deal with these situations, or which educate the public about these issues in an engaging way, not unlike examples such as Parable of the PolygonsPrison ArchitectThis War of Mine, and Never Alone.

Not that jammers will be limited to making digital games!

Analog games are perfectly fine, with materials for board or card games – and experts from PlaytestNW familiar with making analog games – available to those at the jam site.

Tickets are available now, with a suggested donation of $25 to cover food (all meals included) for those going to the Living Computer Museum, and for free to those participating online.

For more information, check out their or Facebook pages, or email the event organizer at  [email protected]

Happy Jamming, and we’ll see you next week with another AFKer Game Jam spotlight!