Developer Ish Games has released City Siege: Faction Island, an action platformer with explosives and a destructible sandbox environment. The game is available on Steam.

Part of the City Siege franchise, the game starts players off with a single rifleman and sets them on Faction Island. As can be guessed from the name, the island is divided amongst various groups hostile to each other. The player is thus charged with bringing peace to the island by the effective annihilation of all their opponents.

The game consists of twenty-four missions across eight locations. Players are able to deploy five units of their choice at the start of each level, with the ability to evacuate the initial troops and deploy fresh units from their reserves. Completed missions earn cash which can be spent to acquire new heavy weaponry and more troops for the player’s forces as well as experience points for those units that participated in the battle.

Some of the types of missions in the game include timed, solo, stealth and all out warfare, each requiring a different set of gameplay styles and tactics. The levels are destructible, which adds an additional twist to game strategy as players can drop chose to use their firepower to drop buildings on their opponents. While the player’s destructive arsenal includes rockets, bullets, ninja stars and fire, the other factions have similar arsenals, which necessitates strategy and skill as well as mass destruction.

“City Siege was always our most popular franchise – our fans are always asking when the next sequel will be out,” said Carl Trelfa, Lead Developer at Ish Games. “Bringing the series to Steam has allowed us to update the game and apply much higher levels of polish and variety to the gameplay. We think it’s a great addition to to franchise and we hope our fans will agree!”

City Siege: Faction Island retails for $6.99 on Steam. The game is currently 15% off for launch week.