Developer Black Chicken Studios has ported to Steam Academagia: The Making of Mages, a student life simulator where the subject topic is magic. The game also has a non-DRM PC version.

Set at the renowned Academy of Magic in the rich city of Mineta, Academagia casts players in the role of a newly arrived teenager at the school. Players must guide their avatar through their first year of instruction, but as can be expected of a place that specializes in something as fickle as magic, studies will not be easy. Mineta, the oldest city of the world, is filled with gangs, thieves, mad wizards, bickering vampires, haunted restaurants. The old forest near the school is full of monsters, booby-trapped tombs and hosts the old Imperial Palace, which is filled with ghosts and bandits. Which may as well be considered easy mode, considering the school is a nexus of seventeen centuries of magical learning and contains plenty of its own challenges.

The gameplay is based around answering the question “What if I could study magic?” The magic system is based around the Five Pillars of Magic, with players casting their spells from these. Learning magical words adds new effects to spells and players can train a Familiar from dozens of species. Players can also indulge their dark side by learning the Forbidden Arts.

The school and its environs are filled with secret skills, magical locations, spells, and items for the more inquisitive gamer to uncover. The player has control over every aspect of their schooling, from which of the seven colleges they enroll in, what classes they choose, how much they study, socialize, or explore. However, daily events develop not just according to the actions of the player. The actions of over eighty other AI-controlled students influence evens, as each has their own motivations, goals, and opinions, and that does not include the eight hundred random events built into the game.

Academagia retails for $15.99, with a special 40% discount on Steam that expires April 27. The game is designed to be parent- and child-friendly, and is suitable for audiences aged nine and up.