Publisher NIS America has revealed the release of A Rose in the Twilight, a puzzle platformer with mechanics based upon color and time. The game is available via Steam and for the PlayStation Vita.

A Rose in the Twilight begins in a castle that is devoid of color and where time does not flow. The player is cast as a little girl named Rose, who awakens inside the castle with the Curse of Thorns fixed upon her back. She soon encounters a sleeping giant, who becomes her ally in her quest to escape the castle. The two get to work to unravel the mystery of the thorns and the history behind the somber castle. The answers to their questions lie within Blood Memories, splatters of blood found all throughout the castle that each contain a gruesome death from the past. Finding the Blood Memories unlocks the past in a series of vignettes pieced together by each victim’s death.

Each stage is designed as a puzzle to be pieced together, so the gameplay focuses on restoring color and time to the castle by combining Rose’s power with the giant’s strength. The giant can lift and throw objects to clear Rose’s path, while Rose can absorb blood and transfer it to static objects. The colorless objects infused with blood then become red and regain the essence of time.

A Rose in the Twilight comes in multiple editions. The Digital Bloodlust version on Steam includes a special digital art book as well as the official soundtrack. The PS Vita version of the game in Europe is available as a limited edition exclusively in the NISA Europe Online Store. The game is also bundled with htol#NiQ in The Firefly Diary Digital Limited Edition, which includes art books and sound tracks for both games.

A Rose in the Twilight is priced at $19.99. The game is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.